About Zamora Rose Project

     The Zamora Rose Project originated with the idea that the world could use some good, new rock n' roll songs. Songs that could hang with the classic rockers from the 60’s. And the idle thought, how hard could that be?

     Well as it turns out, harder than we thought. Led by songwriter Ron Rose and singer Phil Zamora, the group came up with several original musical and lyrical ideas during Sunday songwriting sessions. Heather Scarlett Rose, utilizing her Berklee based composition skills, was brought in as an Arranger and Producer to develop selected ideas into fully structured songs. Re-writes and additional parts were done as needed on the fly by the Rose, Zamora, Rose songwriting team. Then, when the songs were done, additional musician friends including drummer Phil Sollar, guitarists Joe Colella and James Petrella, keyboard players Andy Hutnick and Steve Yelick, percussionist Willie Garza, horn player Maritza Spieler and multi-instrumentalist Ed Goldfarb were brought in to play on the various tracks.

     The majority of the recording was done in a spare study in the coastal hamlet of Half Moon Bay. Complimented by tracks done remotely by Yelick, Petrella and Goldfarb at studio locations along the California coast. The final arranging and editing was done by Heather Scarlett Rose. And it was all mixed and mastered by Justin Weis and Ron Rose at Trakworx in South San Francisco. It was a DIY project to introduce some good new songs into the world. Did we succeed? We’ll let you be the judge.

     The Zamora Rose Project (ZRP) is now ramping up for a summer tour using many of the same musicians from the Stand True album project. We are also working on some new songs that will hopefully stand the test of time.  How hard can it be?

If you want to help make it happen please go to the Jump On The Band Wagon section of this website, and join the party!