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             The following review was printed in Mike Greenblatt's                   Street Noise column, Atlas Jams.


Stand True (Retro Rocket Records), by Zamora Rose Project, goes from slow blues, fast rock and acoustic spirituals to The Doors. No, they don’t cover The Doors on this all-original debut, but vocalist Phil Zamora can get like Jim Morrison atop their twin keyboardists. Rose goes for the throat in such songs as “Painting It Blue,” about when Keith Richards first met Muddy Waters (the song was inspired from an anecdote in Keith’s auto-biography). Then there’s “Psycho” about meeting a deranged woman on a beach and “Galileo’s Groove” about the astronomer/philosopher’s fate during a life lived between 1564 and 1642. The band is versatile: drums, two guitars, extra percussion, horns and multiinstrumentalist Ed Goldfarb. There’s enough straight-ahead rock’n’roll to satisfy the staunchest of fans but there’s a whole lot more to ponder and groove to. Bravo!


~ Mike Greenblatt, Street Noise



Music Reviews: by David Bowling


The Zamora Rose Project was the brain child of songwriter Ron Rose and singer Phil Zamora. They are a rock and roll band who takes detours into a blues and gospel sound. Stand True is their debut album. They wrote or co-wrote all of the material and are able to write catchy hooks for their precise and always interesting lyrics. “Galileo’s Groove” is an acoustic piece that reflects on the fate of Galileo. “Painting It Blue” is a blues-and-rock fusion song that tells the story of a meeting between Keith Richards and Muddy Waters at the Chess Records Studio in Chicago. Stand True is a good debut album from a band that shows a lot of promise.

 ~ David Bowling, blogcritics


Singled Out: Zamora Rose Project's Painting It Blue


Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album!

~ antimusic


Crafting Meaningful Music with a Soul: The Zamora Rose Project

CoastViews Magazine - by Jonathan Slusher


The Zamora Rose Project is a Coastside band on a mission; it began with the idea that the world can use some fresh, original music that would stand the test of time.

The ZRP cofounders, Ron Rose and Phil Zamora, describe their recently released debut album, Stand True, as a mixture of bossa nova, rock and blues. The sounds inspire comparisons to The Grateful Dead, The Doors, Cream and even Frank Zappa. This is the music of the band members’ youth.

“Music from the late ’60s and ’70s sounded like it was in your room,” says songwriter Rose.

“Music was fresh in those days,” drummer Phil Sollar says. “We grew up when things weren’t contrived. Tech has brought that to music. It has no longevity.”

Stand True was released in March. Songs are already being played on over 70 stations nationwide and the album is currently sandwiched between Fleetwood Mac and James Taylor on the Roots Radio Airplay Chart.

There is a sense of excitement and confidence within the band. Things seem to be coming together quickly and in a big way. Zamora says: “Many among the younger generation are following music with a retro feel. I meet 20-year-olds who know Procol Harum. That’s the magic we want to capture.”

There is a new longing for music that moves, changes, takes risks, and can be stretched out in live jam performances.

“It’s the variation in our music that feels good,” says Sollar, who spends his days as the owner of Drum World in San Mateo.

Zamora explains that good music “is like a heartbeat. It doesn’t stay steady all the time.”

ZRP guitarists Joe Colela and James Petrella add interesting dimensions to the band. Colela has played in several well-known Coastside groups including The Worm Farm Band and Highway 84. Petrella was a member of the popular 1980s San Francisco cult group Albatross.

Heather Scarlett Rose, a graduate of the prestigious Berklee College of Music, adds her haunting harmony vocals and multi-instrumental talent to the album. She also is a co-writer, composer and producer.

Stand True took over a year to record and includes the work of several other talented musicians including Scott Beyer, Steve Yelick, Willie Garza, Maritza Spieler and Ed Goldfarb.

The album features a diverse mix of songs written with depth and purpose. “Galileo’s Groove” is an acoustic piece that reflects on the fate of Galileo. “Painting It Blue” is a blues song that tells of the improbable meeting between The Rolling Stones and Muddy Waters at Chess Records Studio. “Mexican Maid” is a morally charged blues reaction to a particular former California governor. “Tremblin’” is a jam tune that feels reminiscent of the adrenaline-quickening songs of Bob Seger.

In “Time to Kill,” Zamora channels the voice of Jim Morrison while lamenting the loss of meaning and creativity in the age of modern media. The title track, “Stand True,” is a beautiful acoustic song rooted metaphorically in the history and reassuring longevity of the proud eucalyptus stretching along Highway 92 near Crystal Springs.

Following its radio success, the Zamora Rose Project will be playing its live debut performance on Sunday, Aug. 4 at Old Princeton Landing in Half Moon Bay. Ron Rose says, “From a marketing perspective, a band like ours has to play live gigs.”

If you like great music with a message, give the Zamora Rose Project a chance.


~ Jonathan Slusher, CoastViews Magazine



Somebody Up There

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 Zamora Rose Project

Playing in Bethlehem and in Heavy Rotation in Providence!


Our new radio report shows that songs from the Stand True album are playing through the airwaves from San Jose, California to Bangor, Maine. From the cold north in Kodiak, Alaska down to the warm beaches of Coral Gables, Florida.
ZRP is also getting airplay in cool places in between like Baton Rouge, Greensboro, Houston and Olympia. Finally, like some famous bands before us, looks like we are goin' to, 


"Good Rockin' Blues!" - KKFI - Kansas City, MO